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This was the 1946-47 season of the Pacific Coast Hockey League. It was the third season of the league.

The Fresno Falcons and the Tacoma Rockets were admitted to the league.

On February 4, 1947, a train carrying the San Francisco Shamrocks home from a game in Fresno crashed into a tanker truck. Four people were kileed and more than 90 others were injured. Five members of the Shamrocks were injured and were out for the rest of the season.

Each of the other five teams in the Southern Division contributed a player to the Shamrocks as compensation.


Northern DivisionEdit

Portland Eagles          60-39-21-0-78    281-216
Seattle Ironmen          60-34-25-1-69    263-195
Vancouver Canucks        60-30-29-1-61    267-287
New Westminster Royals   60-29-29-2-60    257-270
Tacoma Rockets           60-16-42-2-34    223-324

Southern DivisionEdit

Hollywood Wolves         60-43-16-1-87    238-138
Los Angeles Monarchs     60-36-24-0-72    308-260
San Diego Skyhawks       60-33-26-1-67    194-160
Fresno Falcons           60-26-33-1-53    236-252
Oakland Oaks             60-22-38-0-44    253-306
San Francisco Shamrocks  60-17-42-1-35    217-329


Northern DivisionEdit

Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 5


Portland Eagles beat Seattle Ironmen 4 wins to 2. (4-2, 0-2, 3-2, 2-4, 5-0, 4-3)

Southern DivisionEdit

Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 3


Best of 5

League FinalEdit

Best of 7

Los Angeles Monarchs won the President's Cup.

Los Angeles Monarchs advanced to the 1946-47 United States National Senior Championship

All-Star TeamsEdit

North DivisionEdit

Team PhotosEdit

See AlsoEdit

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