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This was a team put together after the end of the 1946-47 to go on a tour of England in May & June.

They were the first hockey team to cross the Atlantic Ocean by air as they flew to England and back.

Many of their games were played in 20 degrees-plus weather. Despite that, the attendance was good, usually over 10,000.

This team was unusual in that it had as many junior players as senior. Most touring teams only had a few juniors at most.

Also unusual was the light schedule. They played 13 games in over a little less than two months. The players were able to take trips to other parts of England and Europe.


From the Inkerman RocketsEdit

  • Harry Bennett
  • Lowell Craig
  • Ralph Hurley
  • Jean-Paul Lafortune
  • Don Thompson

From the Cornwall CougarsEdit

  • Jake Brunning

From the Ottawa MontagnardsEdit

  • Bill Watson

From the Montreal Junior CanadiensEdit

  • Joe Lepine

From the Ottawa SenatorsEdit

From the St Pauls Saints

  • Joe Shack



  • May 6  3-4 (2:2, 1:2, 0:0) Wembley
  • May 17 10-2 Wembley Canadians
  • May 24 4-1 Wembley
  • May 28 5-4 Canadians playing in England
  • May 31 5-9 Canadians playing in England
  • June 7 9-4 English League All-Stars
  • June 21 6-3 Wembley Patrons' Team
  • June 25 ?-? Wembley Patrons' Team
  • June 28 9-12 (4-1, 4-5, 1-6) The Rest

The May 6 game was the first. The June 28 game was the last one.

Overall record 13 games; 9 won; 3 lost; 1 tied.

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