MJHL LineupEdit

Game 1

Game 2

  • Goal: Harold Finch (Monarchs) replaced McMorland
  • Defense: Dunc Daniels (Monarchs) replaced Tindall; Rohatynski did not play
  • Forward: Hy Beatty (Monarchs) replaced Buchanan

Game 1Edit

First Period
Minnesota: Carley 2:40
Minnesota: Graiziger 3:48
Minnesota: J. Wild 6:43
All-Stars: Gacek (Parker) 9:56
All-Stars: Coleman (Hergesheimer) 13:08
All-Stars: Scott (Tindal) 15:21
Penalties-- Van
Second Period
All-Stars: Parker (Rohatynski) 17:34
Penalties-- Tindal
Third Period
no scoring
Penalties-- Graiziger

Game 2Edit

First Period
All-Stars: Parker (Daniels) 12:19
All-Stars: Coleman (Hergesheimer) 19:32
Penalties-- Daniels, Kummerfield
Second Period
Minnesota: Carley (Van) 11:52
Minnesota: Carley 12:34
All-Stars: Gacek 16:50
Penalties-- Carrigan, Klatt, Graiziger
Third Period
Minnesota: Graiziger (Carley) 5:04
Minnesota: Klatt (Van) 7:55
Minnesota: Adams 12:22
All-Stars: Carrigan 12:25
All-Stars: Daniels 13:15
All-Stars: Carrigan (Kummerfield) 15:03
Minnesota: Graiziger (Van) 15:57
All-Stars: Coleman (Hergesheimer) 16:12
All-Stars: Parker (Hergesheimer) 17:00
All-Stars: Scott (Carrigan) 19:37
Penalties-- Carrigan, Graiziger (3), Daniels (3)

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