This was the final series for the United States National Senior Hockey Championships in 1945.

It was a best of seven series between the Seattle Ironmen and the Boston Olympics. The entire series was played on the west coast because air travel was not widely available yet. World War II was still being fought and airplanes were needed for the fighting.

The Olympics played their home games in Vancouver, British Columbia.



Day Date Winner Loser Location
Thursday April 12 Boston 5 Seattle 4 Seattle
Monday April 16 Boston 8 Seattle 5 Seattle-
Tuesday April 17 Seattle 11 Boston 4 Vancouver
Wednesday April 18 Seattle 10 Boston 4 Vancouver
Friday April 20 Seattle 6 Boston 2 Seattle
Saturday April 22 Seattle 6 Boston 2 Seattle

Seattle Ironmen beat the Boston Olympics 4 wins to 2.

Team PhotosEdit

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