This is the 1944-45 group play of the Ontario Hockey Association's Intermediate series:

Group winners and independent teams advanced to the 1944-45 OHA Intermediate Playoffs.

Because of World War II and manpower shortages, the Intermediate A and Intermediate b levels were combined.

Group 1Edit

Southern Ontario Hockey League


Whitby Birchel Bees, Brougham Bearcats (played in Uxbridge), Port Perry, Oshawa Bees (Junior B)

Statistics unavailable.

Semi FinalEdit

2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
February 22 Brougham 6 Whitby 1 Uxbridge
February 26 Brougham 1 Whitby 1 Whitby

Brougham beat Whitby 7 goals to 2.


Brougham won Oshawa defaulted.

Note: Oshawa advanced to the 1944-45 Sutherland Cup Championship playoffs.

Group 2Edit


Omemee Black Hawks, Oakwood, Lindsay Commandos

Statistics unavailable.


Omemee beat Oakwood.

Group 3-4Edit


Standings GP W L T GF GA Pts
Malton Victory Aircraft 3 2 1 0 22 18 4
Norval-Georgetown Combines 3 1 2 0 18 22 2
Ontario Agricultural College 1 0 1 0 1 19 0

The Ontario Agricultural College dropped out after losing 19-1 to Malton. Its record was erased.


Best of 3

Date Winner Loser Location
February 15 Georgetown 3 Malton 3 Georgetown
February 19 Georgetown 7 Malton 2 Georgetown
February 22 Georgetown 8 Malton 7 Georgetown

Georgetown beat Malton 2 wins to none, 1 tie.

Group 5Edit

Niagara Falls League

Group 6Edit

Owen Sound (won), Southampton, Harriston (withdrew Feb. 7 because of injuries)

Group 7Edit

Brantford League

The winner was a military team that could not advance. The runner-up team defaulted in the 1944-45 OHA Intermediate Playoffs.

Group 8Edit

Kitchener League

An all-star team was formed to advance.

Group 9Edit

Only 2 teams. Both played in the Windsor City League.

Best of 3

Date Winner Loser Location
January 26 Gotfredsons 10 Colonial Tool 9 Windsor
February 9 Gotfredsons 13 Colonial Tool 4 Windsor

Gotfredsons beat Colonial Tool 2 wins to none.

Group 10Edit

  1. Midland
  2. Gravenhurst

Group 11Edit

Powassan (only team)

Group 12Edit

Point Edward (only team)

Independent TeamsEdit

Team PhotosEdit

Game AdsEdit

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