This is the 1943-44 season of the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA)'s Intermediate series:

Group champions and independent teams advanced to the 1943-44 OHA Intermediate Playoffs.

Because of World War II and manpower shortages, the Intermediate A and Intermediate B levels were combined.

In January, 1944, the Canadian military withdrew permission for its sports teams to play against civilian teams. Many teams and even entire groups had to withdraw.

After that withdrawl the OHA admitted many civilian teams to replace the military teams.

Group WinnersEdit

  1. Trenton RCAF (only team - withdrew)
  2. Southern Ontario County League - won by Whitby
  3. Canadian Armoured Corps League - withdrew
  4. Camp Borden League - withdrew
  5. Owen Sound (only team)
  6. Powassan (only team - withdrew because of travel problems)
  7. Niagara Falls Industrial League - won by Wire Weavers
  8. Disbanded
  9. Woodstock Army (withdrew)
  10. Windsor Colonial Tool (only team)
  11. Point Edward Redmen (only team)
  12. Won by Seaforth Beavers
  13. Hamilton (only team - withdrew)
  14. Port Colborne Sailors (only team)

Later EntriesEdit

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