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This is the 1943-44 season of the Junior Amateur Hockey Association:


Regular Season GP W L T GF GA Pts
Montreal Junior Royals 15 12 2 1 83 42 25
Montreal Junior Canadiens 15 10 3 2 65 49 22
Montreal Concordia Civics 15 4 8 3 57 58 11
Verdun Terriers 15 1 14 0 44 100 2

There was a fifth team at the beginning of the season. Mont St. Louis College from Montreal played two games in November, losing 8-3 to Verdun on Nov. 13 and 9-3 to the Junior Canadiens on Nov. 20. The team was handicapped by the fact that many of its students were in military training and so could only play in the afternoons. All evenings were taken up by the military.

Mont St. Louis dropped out before the end of November and its games were erased.

Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 3

Date Winner Loser Location
March 1 Royals 8 Verdun 3 Montreal
March 4 Royals 4 Verdun 3 Montreal

Montreal Junior Royals beat Verdun Terriers 2 wins to none.

Date Winner Loser Location
March 1 Concordia 3 Canadiens 2 Montreal
March 4 Canadiens 11 Concordia 0 Montreal
March 7 Concordia 5 Canadiens 3 Montreal

Montreal Concordia Civics beat Montreal Junior Canadiens 2 wins to 1.


Best of 3

Date Winner Loser Location
March 14 Royals 13 Concordia 2 Montreal
March 17 Royals 4 Concordia 2 Montreal

Montreal Junior Royals beat Montreal Concordia Civics 2 wins to none.

Montreal Junior Royals advanced to the 1943-44 Eastern Canada Memorial Cup Playoffs.


  • Pacquet Cup (Most Valuable Player): Yves Nadon, Concordia
  • Hooley Smith Cup (Leading Scorer): Jimmy O'Connor, Royals
  • Mel Shier Trophy (Best Pro Prospect): Doug Harvey, Royals

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