This is the 1942-43 season of the Ottawa City Junior Outdoor League:


Commandos               6-2-2-14
Lower Towners           6-1-1-13
Ralph Street Flyers     5-5-1-11
Aylmer Shamrocks        5-0-0-10
Canadians               3-2-3- 9
Central Registry Lions  2-7-1- 5
Britannia Flyers        1-5-3- 5
Monarchs                1-7-1- 3


Quarter FinalsEdit

Sudden death

  • Commandos 7 Canadians 4
  • 'Aylmer 5 Britannia 3

Semi FinalsEdit

Sudden death

  • Commandos 3 Lions 2
  • Aylmer 8 Monarchs 3


Sudden death

  • Aylmer 5 Commandos 0

The league had not operated since the start of World War II in 1939. There was a serious shortage of personnel caused by the war.

In this season the teams agreed to use overage players in league play. When the champion team advanced to the District playoffs then all overage players would be dropped. This understanding was kept secret for obvious reasons.

After the final game was played the Commandos, unbelievably, protested the use of overage players by the Aylmer Shamrocks. An investigation then uncovered the fact that all teams, including the Commandos, were using overage players.

All the teams and the league were suspended.

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