This determined the intermediate champion of Alberta:


Semi FinalsEdit

2 games total goals

  • Blairmore 3 Medicine Hat 2
  • Medicine Hat 5 Blairmore 3

Medicine Hat beat Blairmore 7 goals to 6.

  • Coleman 6 Canmore 1
  • Canmore 2 Coleman 0

Coleman beat Canmore 6 goals to 3.


2 games total goals

  • Coleman 5 Medicine Hat 4
  • Medicine Hat 4 Coleman 3

(tied 8-8)

  • Medicine Hat 6 Coleman 1

Medicine Hat beat Coleman 14 goals to 9.


Won by Luscar Indians.

Provincial FinalEdit

Best of 3

  • Luscar 3 Medicine Hat 2

Medicine Hat's arena had natural ice which the warm weather had melted. It proved impossible, in the short time available, to secure another site for the series. Luscar was awarded the title.

Luscar Indians advanced to the 1941-42 Western Canada Intermediate Playoffs.

See AlsoEdit

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