This league was made up of various military units stationed in Winnipeg. Because of military commitments, many of the teams had irregular schedules.

First HalfEdit


  1. Fort Garry Horse Regiment
  2. Royal Winnipeg Rifles
  3. Grenadiers
  4. Cameron Highlanders
  5. RCAF
  6. Fort Osborne
  7. Navy
  8. Artillery
  9. Engineers
  10. Signals

Quarter FinalsEdit

Sudden death

  • January 18 Rifles 4 Highlanders 1
  • January 18 RCAF 6 Grenadiers 5

Semi FinalsEdit

Sudden death

  • January 20 Rifles 3 Fort Garry 1
  • January 20 Highlanders 2 RCAF 1


Sudden death

  • January 24 Royal Winnipeg Rifles 8 Cameron Highlanders 1

Second HalfEdit

The league schedule was very irregular and a number of teams dropped out. THe Rifles and Navy ended up with the best records.


Sudden death

  • February 27 Royal Winnipeg Rifles 5 Navy 2

Since the Rifles had won the first half championship, this win gave them the league championship.

Royal Winnipeg Rifles advanced to the 1939-40 Manitoba Senior A Playoffs.

Team PhotosEdit

See AlsoEdit

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