This is the 1939-40 season of the Nickel Belt Junior B League:


  1. Falconbridge
  2. Capreol
  3. Frood Tigers

Statistics unavailable.


2 games total goals

  • Falconbridge 5 Capreol 4
  • Falconbridge 5 Capreol 4

Falconbridge beat Capreol 10 goals to 8.

Protests uncovered ineligible players on both teams. The Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA) offered the league title to the Frood Tigers but they refused. Finally the NOHA arranged a sudden death final between the two teams without the ineligible players, of course.

Final (replay)Edit

Sudden death

Falconbridge 2 Capreol 0.

Falconbridge advanced to the 1939-40 Northern Ontario Junior B Playoffs.

See AlsoEdit

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