This was the 1938-39 competition for the Wellner Trophy:

The series was between St. Dunstan's University and Prince of Wales College, both in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where the games were played.

This was the fifth competition. The first team to win three would keep the cup. Each team had already won twice so this year's winner would get the trophy.

Final (Best of 3)Edit

Date Winner Loser Location
St. Dunstan's 13 Prince of Wales 5 Charlottetown
Prince of Wales 4 St. Dunstan's 4 Charlottetown
March 18 St. Dunstan's 7 Prince of Wales 4 Charlottetown

St. Dunstan's University beat Prince of Wales College 2 wins to 1.

St. Dunstan's got to keep the trophy and it was retired. This was the last competition.

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