These determined the 1938-39 Intermediate champion in the Ottawa District Hockey Association:

League ChampionsEdit

Province Team
Central Ottawa Valley League Maxville Millionaires
Eastview & District League Eastview
Highway League Kemptville Royals
Lower Ottawa Valley League Rockland
Ottawa & District Intermediate League Cumberland
Ottawa City Intermediate League Ottawa Ramblers
Pontiac League Shawville
Smiths Falls & District League Merrickville Royals
West Carleton League Fitzroy Harbour
West End Suburban League Westboro
Winchester Town League Winchester Rangers

Independent teamsEdit

Special teamsEdit

These two teams protested their losses in the final series of their respective leagues. While the leagues ruled against their protests, the Ottawa District Hockey Association decided there was enough merit to allow both teams into these district playoffs.

First RoundEdit

2 games total goals

Second RoundEdit

2 games total goals

Quarter FinalsEdit

2 games total goals

  • Thurso beat Ottawa Ramblers 19 goals to 6 (9-3, 10-3)
  • Kemptville beat Kenmore 3 goals to 2 (0-1, 3-1)
  • Westboro beat Bonnecherre Valley 6 goals to 3.
  • Maxville beat Hawkesbury 19 goals to 2 (19-2, defaulted)

Semi FinalsEdit

2 games total goals

  • Westboro beat Thurso 7 goals to 4 (3-1, 4-3)
  • Maxville beat Kemptville 8 goals to 3 (2-1, 6-2)


2 games total goals

  • Maxville beat Westboro 10 goals to 2 (6-1, 4-1)

Maxville won the Ottawa Citizen Shield (Intermediate).

See AlsoEdit

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