Independent teamsEdit

Regional FinalEdit

Best of 5

Date Winner Loser Location
February 22 North Bay 9 Noranda 2 North Bay
North Bay 3 Noranda 1 Noranda

North Bay Trappers beat Noranda Copper Kings 2 wins to none.

North Bay Trappers advanced to the 1938-39 Eastern Canada Memorial Cup Playoffs

Team PhotosEdit

Left to right Back row Ding Stortz (stickboy) Urban Tackney Paul Paquette Gordan Bruce John McTeer Lou Lavallee Ken Davis Art Randle (coach) Second Row Horace Lamarche Ernie Bumbaco William (Bill) Holouka Ken (Whimpy) Larden Leo Richard Aldedge (Bas) Bastien

The above names were copied from a photo of my dad's, William (Bill) Holouka.

See AlsoEdit

List of Northern Ontario Junior Playoffs

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