This is the 1937-38 season of the Lanark Junior League:

In 1937 Smiths Falls dropped out of league play leaving only Perth in the Lanark league. At the same time, Arnprior dropped out of the Upper Ottawa Valley Junior Hockey League (UOVJHL) leaving only Renfrew, Pembroke, and Carleton Place as members.

Carleton Place joined Perth in the Lanark League.

The two leagues played an interlocking schedule. Each team would play six games against the other team in the same league and home-and-home games against the two teams in the other league.

Both leagues' champions would advance to the 1937-38 Ottawa District Junior Playoffs.


Perth Blue Wings   10-0-0-20
Carleton Place      0-9-1- 1

Perth Blue Wings advanced to the 1937-38 Ottawa District Junior Playoffs.

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