International Amateur LeagueEdit

Eastern DivisionEdit


Duluth Zephyrs              14-12-1-29    112-100
Fort William Wanderers      13-11-1-27    105- 99
Port Arthur Bearcats        10-14-2-22     85-103


Best of 5

  • Fort William 4 Duluth 2
  • Duluth 7 Fort William 3
  • Fort William 3 Duluth 2
  • Duluth 4 Fort William 1
  • Fort William 8 Duluth 5

Fort William Wanderers beat Duluth Zephyrs 3 wins to 2.

Western DivisionEdit


Eveleth           16- 9-4-36    129- 92
Hibbing           14-11-5-33    115-107
Virginia          13-13-3-29    108-115
Fort Frances       9-19-2-20    112-150


Won by Eveleth

League FinalEdit

It was defaulted by Eveleth to Fort William Wanderers becsuse of financial problems.

The Fort William Wanderers and the Port Arthur Bearcats also played in the Thunder Bay League. The games that they played against each other counted in both leagues.

See AlsoEdit

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