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1935-36 MJHL Season

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This is the 1935-36 Manitoba Junior Hockey League Season.

The MJHL was run and controlled by the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association.
Realistically, the League was actually two leagues under one umbrella.

MAHA NotesEdit

Convener of Junior Hockey: Vic Johnson
Selkirk Fishermen withdrew.
Transcona Panthers & Woodhaven Leafs added to "B" Division.
Transcona withdrew before the start of the season.

Charlie Gardiner Memorial SeriesEdit

The Charlie Gardiner Memorial Series was a preseason series of games involving the Winnipeg based teams. The winner received the Charlie Gardiner Memorial Trophy. The trophy was the idea of the University of Manitoba Student's Union, who started a fund to establish. Charlie Gardiner, born in Scotland but raised in Winnipeg, was considered the greatest goalie of his era. In 1934 after leading the Chicago Black Hawks to their first Stanley Cup, Gardiner died of a brain hemorrhage at the age of only 29. The Winnipeg Monarchs were the 1935 winners.

see Charlie Gardiner Championship

"A" DivisionEdit


40 games, 16 per team. Each team plays other divisional teams 4 X. No inter locking games.

Regular SeasonEdit

1935-36 MJHL Season "A" Division
Portage Terriers 16 10 5 1 68 45 21
Winnipeg Falcons 16 9 7 0 58 61 18
Winnipeg Monarchs 15 6 8 1 56 47 13
University of Manitoba 15 6 8 1 46 58 13
Kenora Thistles 16 6 9 1 40 57 13


Division Final
Portage defeated Falcons 2-games-to-none
see "A" Division Games

"B" DivisionEdit


30 games, 12 per team. Each team plays other divisional teams 3 X. No inter locking games.

Division B NotesEdit

After the shocking death of Winnipeg Rangers player Jack Brown in February, The Division honored him by giving the Division Champions the Jack Brown Memorial Trophy.

Regular SeasonEdit

1935-36 MJHL Season "B" Division
Winnipeg Rangers 12 9 3 0 55 33 18
Elmwood Maple Leafs 12 8 3 1 56 29 17
St. Boniface Seals 12 8 3 1 53 29 17
Kildonan Stars 12 2 9 1 21 67 5
Woodhaven Leafs 12 1 10 1 32 59 3


Tie Breaker
Elmwood defeated St. Boniface 4-1
Division Final (Jack Brown Memorial Trophy)
Elmwood defeated Rangers 2-games-to-none
see "B" Division Games

All-Star GameEdit

see 1936 MJHL All-Star Game

League FinalEdit

#1 Friday, March 13 Elmwood 3 Portage 1 @ Olympic Rink
#2 Monday, March 16 Elmwood 0 Portage 0 @ Portage
#3 Wednesday, March 18 Portage 5 Elmwood 3 @ Amphitheatre
#4 Friday, March 20 Elmwood 1 Portage 0 @ Amphitheatre
Elmwood Maple Leafs defeated Portage Terriers 2-games-to-1, with 1 game tied

Manitoba ChampionshipEdit

#1 Monday, March 23 Elmwood 15 Emerson 4 @ Amphitheatre
#2 Tuesday, March 24 game cancelled @ Amphitheatre
Elmwood Maple Leafs capture Turnbull Cup, defeating Emerson Aces

Memorial Cup PlayoffsEdit

Western Memorial Cup Semi-Final
Elmwood defeated Fort William Kams (TBJHL) 2-games-to-none
Western Memorial Cup Final (Abbott Cup)
Elmwood lost to Saskatoon Wesleys (SAHA) 2-games-to-none
see 1935-36 Western Canada Memorial Cup Playoffs

Team PhotosEdit

Game AdsEdit

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