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1935-36 HCL Season

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This is the 1935-36 season of the Halifax City League:


Dalhousie University   9-0-3-21
Halifax Blue Sunocos
Halifax Wanderers
Halifax Farmers

Further statistics unavailable.

Semi FinalEdit

2 games total goals

  • Blue Sunocos 3 Wanderers 1
  • Blue Sunocos 8 Wanderers 6

Halifax Blue Sunocos beat Halifax Wanderers 11 goals to 7.


Best of 3

  • Blue Sunocos 6 Dalhousie 2
  • Blue Sunocos 8 Dalhousie 2

Halifax Blue Sunocos beat Dalhousie University 2 wins to none.

Halifax Blue Sunocos advanced to the 1935-36 Maritimes Senior Playoffs.

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