The 1935 Championship was a preseason series of games, single knockout, involving the MJHL's Winnipeg based teams. The winner received the Charlie Gardiner Memorial Trophy. The Winnipeg Monarchs were the 1935 winners.

The trophy was the idea of the University of Manitoba Student's Union, who started a fund to establish.

Charlie Gardiner, born in Scotland, raised in Winnipeg, was considered the greatest goalie of his era. In 1934 after leading the Chicago Black Hawks to their first Stanley Cup, Gardiner died of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 29.

The 1935-36 MJHL Season

Thursday, Nov. 14 Falcons 4 Kildonan 3 @ Amphitheatre
Saturday, Nov. 16 Rangers 4 Varsity 3 @ Amphitheatre
Monday, Nov. 18 Elmwood 5 Woodhaven 1 @ Amphitheatre
Wednesday, Nov. 20 St. Boniface 5 Transcona 1 @ Amphitheatre
Saturday, Nov. 23 Monarchs 6 Falcons 4 @ Amphitheatre
Monday, Nov. 25 Elmwood 8 Rangers 2 @ Amphitheatre
Wednesday, Nov. 27 Monarchs 8 St. Boniface 5 @ Amphitheatre
Friday, Nov. 29 Monarchs 5 Elmood 2 @ Amphitheatre

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