These are the standings and playoffs of the 1933-34 season of the Maritime Senior Hockey League.


Regular Season GP W L T GF GA Pts
Moncton Hawks 41 28 9 4 122 64 60
Halifax Wolverines 44 22 14 8 123 104 52
Charlottetown Abegweits 42 13 20 9 92 124 35
Saint John Beavers 41 8 28 5 76 121 21

Notes on playoffsEdit

The league stated that the second and third place teams would play a semi final with the winner meeting the first place team in the final.

Previous to the formation of this league, each of the Maritime Provinces (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, & Nova Scotia) held its own provincial playoffs. This league was the only Senior A group in the region. St John Beavers therefore insisted that it could play the Moncton Hawks for the New Brunswick Senior A title. The Maritimes Amateur Hockey Association surprisingly agreed and ordered a Moncton - St John series, with the winner playing the winner of the Halifax - Charlottetown semi final.


League Semi FinalEdit

Best of 3

Date Winner Loser Location
February 28 Halifax 6 Charlottetown 2 Halifax
March 2 Halifax 0 Charlottetown 0 Charlottetown
March 5 Halifax 4 Charlottetown 3 Halifax

Halifax Wolverines beat Charlottetown Abegweits 2 games to none, 1 tie.

New Brunswick FinalEdit

2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
February 28 Moncton 7 Saint John 1 Moncton
March 2 Saint John 4 Moncton 2 Saint John

Moncton Hawks beat Saint John Beavers 9 goals to 5.

League FinalEdit

Best of 5

Date Winner Loser Location
March 7 Moncton 4 Halifax 2 Moncton
March 9 Moncton 3 Halifax 0 Halifax
March 11 Moncton 4 Halifax 2 Moncton

Moncton Hawks beat Halifax Wolverines 3 games to none.

Moncton Hawks received a bye to the final of the 1933-34 Maritimes Senior Playoffs.

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Exhibition TourEdit

Before the season an all-star team from Winnipeg played in all four cities of the league:

Date Winning Team Losing Team
November 10 Moncton Hawks 2 Winnipeg 2
November 13 Halifax Wolverines 1 Winnipeg 0
November 15 Winnipeg 2 Charlottetown Abegweits 1
November 17 Winnipeg 3 Saint John Beavers 0

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