This was the eighth season of the American Hockey Association.


Kansas City Greyhounds   26-18-4-52  106- 87
St. Louis Flyers         26-18-4-52   97- 84
Tulsa Oilers             23-25-0-46  107-110
Oklahoma City Warriors   16-30-2-32   86-115

Ties did not count. Kansas City awarded first place because of more goals scored than St. Louis.

The Wichita Skyhawks had their franchise suspended on December 14. The reasons were inadequate financing and poor facilities. Their record of 0-3-0-0 3-8 was erased.

Standings from


Semi FinalEdit

Best of 4

  • St. Louis 2 Tulsa 2
  • St. Louis 3 Tulsa 2
  • Tulsa 1 St. Louis 0
  • St. Louis 2 Tulsa 0

St. Louis Flyers beat Tulsa Oilers 2 wins to 1, 1 tie.


  • Kansas City 2 St. Louis 1
  • Kansas City 2 St. Louis 1
  • Kansas City 3 St. Louis 1

Kansas City Greyhounds beat St. Louis Flyers 3 wins to none and won the league playoff championship.

Team PhotosEdit

Seasons of the American Hockey Association

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