These are the standings and playoffs of the Maritime Senior Hockey League for the 1932-33 season.


First Half GP W L T GF GA Pts
Moncton Hawks 12 6 4 2 13 13 14
Charlottetown Abegweits 12 5 5 2 11 12 12
Halifax Wolverines 12 5 7 0 13 12 10

Second Half GP W L T GF GA Pts
Moncton Hawks 16 10 6 0 23 18 20
Halifax Wolverines 16 9 6 1 21 18 12
Charlottetown Abegweits 16 4 11 1 17 25 10

Notes on StandingsEdit

The qualifications for the playoffs were that the two half champions would play off each other in the final. If the same team won both halves, then the two second place teams would play a semi final, with the winner going against the first place team.

There were three games left in the second half - two Charlottetown vs. Moncton and one Charlottetown vs. Halifax. The standings at this time were:

Halifax		8-6-1-17
Moncton		8-6-0-16 
Charlottetown	4-8-1-9

Had Charlottetown won all three of its final games, the standings would have ended up as follows:

Halifax		8-7-1-17
Moncton		8-8-0-16 
Charlottetown	7-8-1-15

With this result, Halifax (second half winner) would have played Moncton (the first half winner) in the final with Charlottetown out of the playoffs.The only way that Charlottetown would make the playoffs was to lose all three of its games. That way it would play Halifax in the semi final with the winner going against Moncton.

Charlottetown threatened to throw all three of its games. Halifax and Moncton stood their ground but finally relented and let the Abegweits default their games rather than cheat the fans with suspicious games. The standings then ended up as above.


Semi FinalEdit

4 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
February 22 Halifax 7 Charlottetown 1 Halifax
February 24 Charlottetown 2 Halifax 1 Charlottetown
February 27 Halifax 3 Charlottetown 2 Halifax
March 1 Halifax 1 Charlottetown 1 Charlottetown

Halifax Wolverines beat Charlottetown Abegweits 12 goals to 6.


Best of 5

Date Winner Loser Location
March 3 Moncton 1 Halifax 1 Moncton
March 6 Halifax 3 Moncton 2 Halifax
March 8 Moncton 2 Halifax 1 Moncton
March 10 Moncton 2 Halifax 0 Halifax
March 13 Moncton 4 Halifax 1 Moncton

Moncton Hawks beat Halifax Wolverines 3 games to 1 1 tie.

Moncton Hawks received a bye to the final of the 1932-33 Maritimes Senior Playoffs.

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