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Group AEdit

The top team (highlighted) advanced to the medal round.

Flag of Great Britain United Kingdom321106
Flag of France France32165
Flag of Belgium Belgium321910
Flag of Hungary Hungary30326
February 11Flag of France France 2:0
Flag of Hungary Hungary
February 12 Flag of Belgium Belgium 3:2
Flag of Hungary Hungary
February 15 Flag of Great Britain United Kingdom 1:0
Flag of Hungary Hungary
Miklós Barcza (BBTE)
Frigyes Barna (BKE)
Mátyás Farkas (BKE)
Tibor Heinrich (BKE)
Péter Krempels (BKE)
István Krepuska (BKE)
Géza Lator (BKE)
Sándor Minder (BKE)
Béla Ordódy (BKE)
József Révay (BKE)
Béla Weiner (BKE)

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