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This was the third season of the American Hockey Association.


Tulsa Oilers          28- 9- 8-64  125- 63
Minneapolis Millers   18-12-10-46   72- 51
St. Paul Saints       20-17- 3-43   88- 98
Kansas City Pla-Mors  17-16- 7-41   66- 75
Duluth Hornets        15-21- 4-34   66- 70
St. Louis Flyers      10-28- 2-22   73-138

Standings from


Semi FinalEdit

Best of 4

  • Minneapolis 3 St. Paul 1
  • St. Paul 2 Minneapolis 0
  • St. Paul 2 Minneapolis 0
  • St. Paul 2 Minneapolis 0

St. Paul Saints beat Minneapolis Millers 3 wins to 1.


Best of 5

  • Tulsa 1 St. Paul 0
  • Tulsa 1 St. Paul 1
  • Tulsa 3 St. Paul 3
  • Tulsa 3 St. Paul 1

Tulsa Oilers beat St. Paul Saints 2 wins to none, 2 ties, and won the league playoff championship.

Photo GalleryEdit

Photo credit for the Tulsa program to the Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society.” Further: “Preservation and archiving of this significant Tulsa treasure of photographs and artifacts was made possible through the Tulsa City-County Library and the Tulsa Historical Society, and the generosity of Tulsa World/Lorton Family, Chester Cadieux, the Rotary Club of Tulsa, and many other community-minded corporations, institutions, and individuals

Seasons of the American Hockey Association

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