The 1927-28 season was the second and turned out to be the last season of the New England Hockey League.

The league started out with the same lineup of teams as the previous season. The teams fought with each other about officiating and player eligibilty. The Berlin Mountaineers dropped out on February 8 because of a poor record. low attendance, and the fact that their players were leaving the team. Two days later the Lewiston St. Doms dropped out and the league collapsed.

These are probably the final standings, from February 6:

Standings GP W L T GF GA Pts
Nashua Nationals 24 11 8 5 - - 27
Waterville 22 11 7 4 - - 26
Lewiston St. Doms 21 8 11 2 - - 18
Berlin Mountaineers 21 8 12 1 - - 17

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