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1926-27 NEHL season

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This was the first season of the New England Hockey League.

There were four teams in the league - Lewiston St. Doms, Nashua Nationals, Berlin Mountaineers, and the Waterville team.

The teams were to play a 36 game schedule. There was a dispute involving the eligibilty of some of Waterville's players and the team was suspended.

The next two teams in the standings - Nashua Nationals and Lewiston St. Doms played a final series that Nashua won.


Standings GP W L T GF GA Pts
Waterville 30 19 11 0 111 91 38
Lewiston St. Doms 31 13 13 5 93 90 31
Nashua Nationals 30 12 13 5 75 95 29
Berlin Mountaineers 31 11 16 4 106 108 26



2 games total goals

  • Nashua 1 Lewiston 0
  • Nashua 2 Lewiston 1

Nashua Nationals won the league championship.

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