The Czechoslovak team’s nomination was marred by domestic conflicts and animosities towards club Sparta Praha. Only soldier Josef Maleček was included to the team from Sparta after the Ministry of Defence order, while Karel Káďa Pešek and others stayed at home.

Canada (represented by the Toronto Granites) was supreme in the competition, winning all five matches. It met with Czechoslovakia in the group and smashed it 30-0. Czechoslovakia lost also to Sweden, despite leading in the first period – Stránský allowed four goals shot from long distance. The team then parted with the tournament by beating Switzerland and by finishing in tied fifth place.

Men – 5th place

  • Round 1
    • lost to Canada 0-30
    • lost to Sweden 3-9 (goals: Maleček 2, Loos)
    • beat Switzerland 11-2 (goals: Maleček 4, Šroubek 3, Loos 3, Jirkovský)
  • Squad:
    • Goalkeepers: Jaroslav Stránský, Jaroslav Řezáč
    • Defenders: Otakar Vindyš, Vilém Loos
    • Forwards: Jaroslav Jirkovský, Josef Šroubek, Josef Maleček, Miloslav Fleischman, Jan Palouš, Jan Fleischman, Jan Krásl, Jaroslav Pušbauer, Hofta
    • no coach

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