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For the 1922-23 season, the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association had the winners of the Manitoba Senior Hockey League and the Winnipeg Senior Hockey League playoff for the Senior Championship, with the winner meeting the Intermediate champions.


Manitoba Senior Hockey League: Winnipeg Falcons
Winnipeg Senior Hockey League: Winnipeg Tammany Tigers
Manitoba Intermediate Champion: Souris Hockey Club


2 games total goals

Game Team 1 Goals Team 2 Goals Date Venue
1 Falcons 2 Tigers 2 Saturday, March 10 Amphitheatre
2 Falcons 4 Tigers 2 Monday, March 12 Amphitheatre
Winnipeg Falcons defeated Winnipeg Tammany Tigers 6-goals-to-4

Senior-Intermediate FinalEdit

Sudden death

Team 1 Goals Team 2 Goals Date Venue
Falcons 2 Souris 4 Tuesday, March 13 Amphitheatre
Souris Hockey Club defeated Winnipeg Falcons

Souris Hockey Club won the Pattison Cup
and advanced to the 1922-23 Western Canada Allan Cup Playoffs
Manitoba Senior AAA Hockey History

Team PhotosEdit

Game AdsEdit

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