Switzerland competed in the inaugural Olympic ice hockey tournament. The team suffered the most lopsided loss of the tournament in a 29–0 defeat by the United States in the quarterfinals, Switzerland's first match. The American team's eventual winning of the silver medal qualified Switzerland for the bronze medal tournament. In the bronze medal semifinals, the Swiss played a closer game but still lost to Sweden, 4–0.

23 April 1920
United States of America Flag of the United States 29–0
(15-0, 14-0)
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Palais de Glace d'Anvers, Antwerp
Bronze medal semifinals
28 April 1920
Sweden Flag of Sweden 4–0
(2-0, 2-0)
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Palais de Glace d'Anvers, Antwerp
Final rank

Team Roster

Coach: ? Rodolphe Cuendet Louis Dufour Max Holsboer Marius Jaccard Bruno Leuzinger Paul Lob René Savoie Max Sillig

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