The Toronto Dentals were the defending champions from the previous season. They won the Group 1 of the 1917-18 OHA Senior Season and the Kitchener Greenshirts won Group 2.

First challengeEdit

This was also the Ontario senior final.

2 games total goals

  • Tuesday February 26 @ Toronto Kitchener 4 Toronto 4
  • Friday March 1 @ Kitchener Kitchener 3 Toronto 0

Kitchener Greenshirts beat Toronto Dentals 7 goals to 4.

Kitchener Greenshirts won the Allan Cup.

Second challengeEdit

Port Arthur Columbus Club won the Thunder Bay senior championship.

2 games total goals

@ Toronto

  • Wednesday March 6 Kitchener 20 Port Arthur 2
  • second game conceded

Kitchener Greenshirts beat Port Arthur Columbus Club 20 goals to 2.

Kitchener Greenshirts kept the Allan Cup.

Semi FinalEdit

Saskatoon Quakers won the Saskatchewan senior championship.

Winnipeg Ypres won the Manitoba senior championship.

2 games total goals

@ Winnipeg

  • Tuesday March 5 Winnipeg 7 Saskatoon 3
  • Thursday March 7 Winnipeg 7 Saskatoon 0

Winnipeg Ypres beat Saskatoon Quakers 14 goals to 3.

Winnipeg Ypres won the right to challenge Toronto Dentals.

Third challengeEdit

2 games total goals

@ Toronto

  • Tuesday March 12 Winnipeg 3 Kitchener 2
  • Thursday March 14 Kitchener 4 Winnipeg 1

Kitchener Greenshirts beat Winnipeg Ypres 6 goals to 4.

Kitchener Greenshirts kept the Allan Cup.

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