This is the 1914-15 season of the Ontario Hockey Association's senior series:

Group 1Edit


Group 1 GP W L T GF GA Pts
Toronto Victorias 6 5 1 0 66 35 10
Toronto Riversides 6 4 2 0 59 40 8
Kingston Frontenacs 6 3 3 0 47 44 6
University of Toronto 6 0 6 0 17 70 0


Date Winner Loser Location
January 9 Victorias 11 Univ. Toronto 2 Toronto
January 11 Riversides 8 Kingston 7 Kingston
January 19 Kingston 7 Univ. Toronto 2 Toronto
January 21 Victorias 7 Riversides 5 Toronto
January 23 Riversides 7 Univ. Toronto 3 Toronto
January 26 Victorias 12 Riversides 7 Toronto
January 27 Kingston 8 Univ. Toronto 3 Kingston
January 29 Victorias 9 Kingston 2 Toronto
February 3 Riversides 16 Kingston 3 Toronto
February 6 Victorias 21 Univ. Toronto 4 Toronto
February 9 Riversides 16 Univ. Toronto 9 Toronto
February 10 Kingston 15 Riversides 6 Kingston

Group 2Edit


Group 2 GP W L T GF GA Pts
St. Michaels College 6 5 1 0 21 12 10
Toronto Argonauts 5 3 2 0 14 16 6
Toronto Rowing Club 5 3 2 0 10 15 6
Midland 6 0 6 0 5 7 0

Midland dropped out after it lost its first game 7-5 to the Argonauts on January 8. The balance of its five games were defaulted. The team then entered the intermediate series.


Date Winner Loser Location
January 8 St Michaels 8 Rowing Club 4 Toronto
January 8 Argonauts 7 Midland 5 Midland
January 15 St Michaels 9 Argonauts 2 Toronto
January 22 Rowing Club 4 Argonauts 1 Toronto
February 2 Argonauts 4 St Michaels 3 Toronto
February 5 St Michaels 6 Rowing Club 2 Toronto

Provincial FinalEdit

2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
February 16 Victorias 2 St Michaels 1 Toronto
February 22 Victorias 2 St Michaels 2 Toronto

Toronto Victorias beat St. Michaels College 4 goals to 3.

Toronto Victorias advanced to the 1914-15 Allan Cup.

Toronto vs. Melville controversyEdit

The Toronto Victorias were going to Western Canada to play some exhibition games against Winnipeg teams.

The OHA disputed the right of the 1914-15 Allan Cup holders. Melville Millionaires, because of supposedly ineligible players. When the Toronto Victorias advanced to the 1914-15 Allan Cup and played Melville, the OHA expelled the team.

From the OHA annual report:

The Victoria Hockey Club of Toronto, Senior champions, played at Melville, Sask., on March 6th, 1915, contrary to O. H. A. instruction, and automatically suspended themselves from the Association. Subsequently the club permanently disbanded, and the President, Mr. F. N. Gooch. reported to the O. H. A. that, so far, he has been unable to secure a proper financial statement, but that proceedings were being taken to secure the same, and any balance recovered will be turned over to the Patriotic Fund. The trouble at Melville occurred over a misunderstanding between the O. H. A. and the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association, as to the application of the three month residence rule. The C. A. H. A. ruled that it did not go into effect until this coming winter, while the O. H. A. held that it applied to last year's teams. The question of jurisdiction was also raised by the C. A. H. A. officials, and befogged the direct issue which was solely regarding the eligibility of certain Melville players under the residence rule. The Victorias showed a singular lack of loyalty to their own Association, especially the officials in charge of the club, and in consequence of their action have put themselves out of the Association.

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