The Allan Cup was a challenge cup, which meant that the previous year's winner kept the cup until defeated in league play or a playoff.

The Winnipeg Winnipegs won the Winnipeg Hockey League of which the Winnipeg Victorias were also a member. This gave the Winnipegs the Allan Cup.

First challengeEdit

The Moose Jaw Moose won the Saskatchewan senior championship.

2 games total goals

@ Winnipeg

  • Tuesday March 11 Winnipeg 6 Moose Jaw 0
  • Thursday March 13 Winnipeg 10 Moose Jaw 3

Winnipeg Winnipegs beat Moose Jaw Moose 16 goals to 3.

Winnipeg Winnipegs kept the Allan Cup.

Second challengeEdit

The Edmonton Eskimos won the Alberta senior championship.

2 games total goals

@ Winnipeg

  • Saturday March 15 Winnipeg 9 Edmonton 6
  • Monday March 17 Winnipeg 9 Edmonton 2

Winnipeg Winnipegs beat Edmonton Eskimos 18 goals to 8,

Winnipeg Winnipegs kept the Allan Cup.

Note: Toronto R & AA won the Ontario senior championship. Grand'Mere won the Interprovincial (Ottawa-Quebec) senior championship. Both teams chose not to travel to Winnipeg to challenge.

Team PhotosEdit

Game AdsEdit

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