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1911 Winnipeg Victorias

The Allan Cup at this point was a challenge cup. This meant that the previous season's winner kept it until beaten in league play or in a challenge series.


When the Winnipeg Victorias won the Winnipeg Hockey League in February they sent in a challenge for the Allan Cup. The trustees were probably mindful of the way that the University of Manitoba had been treated the previous year (please see 1909-10 Allan Cup Finals).Despite the fact that the previous year's champion St. Michaels College had not finished its season, the trustees ordered them to play the Winnipeg Victorias immediately.

St. Michaels College and the Ontario Hockey Association(OHA) argued that the series was premature. St. Michaels College might not even keep the Allan Cup and a challenge series would disrupt the season. The OHA offered to have its champion play the Victorias when the season was over.

The Winnipeg Victorias argued that it would be unfair to have to keep their team together for several weeks.

The trustees kept to their decision. When St. Michaels College refused to play, the Winnipeg Victorias were awarded the Allan Cup by default.


The Kenora Thistles champions of the Manitoba League

2 games total goals

@ Winnipeg

  • Monday,February 27 Winnipeg 12 Kenora 5
  • Wednesday March 2 Kenora 5 Winnipeg 4

Winnipeg Victorias beat Kenora Thistles 16 goals to 10.

Winnipeg Victorias kept the Allan Cup.

There was no time left for further challenges.

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