Western Canada AssociationEdit

This was formed by the Winnipeg Winnipegs and Winnipeg Victorias with a new team - Winnipeg Shamrocks. They withdrew from the Manitoba League because of the professionalism of the other teams.

The league did not draw very well. The Shamrocks did very poorly on the ice and they were thrown out of the league on Feb. 20.

Feb. 20 Standings GP W L T GF GA Pts
Winnipeg Winnipegs 4 3 1 0 36 22 6
Winnipeg Victorias 4 2 2 0 21 27 4
Winnipeg Shamrocks 2 0 2 0 9 16 0

The Shamrocks' record was erased. The Winnipegs had 2 wins against the Victorias while the Victorias had beaten the Winnipegs once. The season was continued until one team had won three games.

Winnipegs 3 Victorias 2

Final standings

Final Standings GP W L T GF GA Pts
Winnipeg Winnipegs 4 3 1 0 28 17 6
Winnipeg Victorias 4 1 3 0 17 28 2

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