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1890–91 Ottawa Hockey Club season

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1890–91 Ottawa Hockey Club
1890–91 record 13–1–0
 Team information
Captain P. D. Ross
Arena Rideau Skating Rink
Team leaders
< 1890 1891–92>

Ottawa Hockey Club, 1891
Back Row, L to R: Halder Kirby, Albert Morel, Chauncey Kirby, H.Y. Russell, F.M.S. Jenkins(coat), W.C. Young, ?
Front Row, L to R: R. Bradley, J. Kerr, ?[1]

The 1890–91 Ottawa Hockey Club season was the club's sixth season of play. The club would have an outstanding record, winning 13 and losing 1. The club would play in the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) in the OHA's first season and would win its championship, the Colby Cup, against Amateur Hockey Association of Canada(AHAC) teams and against other Ottawa teams.

Cosby Cup 1891

Cosby Cup, on display at Ottawa City Hall, January, 2009

Team BusinessEdit

The club met on November 19, 1890 and elected their officers:

The club also approved the idea of the forming of a city league in Ottawa composed of the Ottawa HC, Rideau Club, Ottawa College, Dey's Rink and Rebels clubs. This was the start of the Ottawa City Senior League.

The club nominated J. A. Baum to be their representative at the founding meeting of the Ontario Hockey Association. Frank Jenkins, it was announced, would not play this year due to "an accident to his leg."[2]

In the team's financial statement for the season, the team recorded a $70.11 deficit on expenses of $121.11 and minus an OAAC grant of $30 and $21 from team member subscriptions.[3]


# Date Series Opponent Score Decision Record
1 December 30, 1890 City Ottawa College 11–1 W 1–0–0
2 January 14, 1891 City Ottawa College 3–1 W 2–0–0
3 January 17, 1891 AHAC(exhib) McGill College 3–2 W 3–0–0
4 January 31, 1891 AHAC(exhib) Montreal Victorias 1–0 W 4–0–0
5 February 6, 1891 City Rideaus 5–0 W 5–0–0
6 February 9, 1891 City Rideaus 4–0 W 6–0–0
7 February 11, 18911 City Dey's Rink 3–0 W 7–0–0
8 February 21, 18912 AHAC Montreal Hockey Club 0–3 L 7–1–0
9 February 26, 1891 City Ottawa College 3–2 W 8–1–0
10 February 28, 1891 OHA Queen's College 4–0 W 9–1–0
11 March 7, 1891 3 OHA Toronto St. George's 5–0 W 10–1–0
12 March 14, 1891 OHA (exhib) Toronto St. George's 4–0 W 11–1–0
13 March 14, 1891 OHA (exhib) Toronto Osgoode Hall 6–2 W 12–1–0
14 March 20, 1891 City (final) Gladstones 4–0 W 13–1–0

1 City championship
2 AHAC challenge
3 OHA championship


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