Újpesti TE
Ute icehockey
Full name Újpesti Torna Egylet jégkorong szakosztály
Founded 1955
Based In Újpest, Budapest, Hungary
Arena Újpesti Jégcsarnok
(Capacity: 1,300)
League OB I bajnokság
MOL Liga
Team Colors          
Head Coach Flag of Hungary Pek György

Újpesti Torna Egylet jégkorong szakosztály is an ice hockey club from Újpest, Budapest, Hungary. Újpesti TE is one of the sport clubs in Hungary that are part of the Újpesti TE sport society. The Club was founded in 1885, while the ice hockey department was founded in 1930 and refounded in 1955. During its history, the club has won 13 national championship titles.

Újpest is infamous as being the club of Attila Ambrus, the "Whiskey Robber".


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